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Get a CSV file with hundreds of thousands of leads, their information, and emails with just one click.

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List of leads with First Name, Last Name, City, Country, Role, Company, Email

Scraping Linkedin made easy

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We make the lead generation is as seamless, efficient, and targeted as possible. Here’s what we have prepared for you:

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One Click Extraction

Launch a campaign and come back when it’s ready. No need to log in every day to launch a 2500 leads extraction. Everything is automated.

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Organized and Categorized Leads

We deliver your leads categorised into distinct files for precise targeting for your marketing and automations.

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Access As Soon As Ready

You can access sub-lists of leads as soon as they are ready, even if the entire campaign is still running.

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Continuous Lead Generations

Schedule multiple campaigns and ensure a steady stream of leads.
Scrapia works in the background, ensuring new leads greet you each time you log in.

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FREE Emails

No additional cost to get lead emails! We do our best to find the correct email for as many leads as we can.

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Multi-cookie Scraping

Launch leads collection with as as many account as you want to get more leads.

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Valid Emails

We only display email addresses that we are confident exist, ensuring your email campaign maintains a low bounce rate.

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A scraper with queue functionality has transformed my workflow. I queue up multiple searches in one go, and Scrapia scrapes everyday for me. Saves me hours every months.

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Nicolas Cella

Co-Founder of Supernovae

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Lead Data That Slots Right Into Your Workflow!

Get a ready-to-use CSV files to put in your CRM, prospection or automation tool.

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Get More, Spend Less!

Why splurge when you can save?

We offer you a free email finder for your searches, no additional credits needed.

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Use cases - How to use Scrapia exports?

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Send marketing emails to qualified leads

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Automate linkedin invites

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Keep your CRM up-to-date with the latest information from Linkedin

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